Lucas Indian service Limited - Auto Ancillaries


Auto Electrical, Diesel Fuel Injection equipment, Batteries to Lubricating Oils and Filters, our wide range of products, tools, and test equipment cover all vehicle types, making us one of India’s leading automotive aftermarket solution providers.

We also provide a wide variety of products for an extensive range of vehicles. Choose from a list of horns, bulbs, mirrors, feed pumps, clutch plates, water pumps, fasteners, and a whole lot more – designed and crafted by our outstanding team of engineers.



Efficiency. Expertise. Endurance. That’s what Lucas guarantees with its highly durable radiator fan and high-performance fan motors. We believe our customers deserve nothing but the best.


Conventional & Halogen Bulbs

We manufacture both conventional and halogen bulbs in different types and capacities that are used extensively by popular automobile brands


Relays & Wiring Harness

We offer state-of-the-art relays — electronic, electromechanical, and PCB types.



Our OEM standard buzzers are made with superior steel which ensures reduced noise and vibration.


Flashers & Cables

We provide superior quality PVC cables, battery cables, and flashers of 12V and 24V system types; as per your requirements.



Our high-quality mirrors serve all kinds of two-wheelers.

Chain & Sprocket

Our chains and sprockets service all types of two-wheelers.

feed pump

Feed Pump

We supply a wide variety of quality feed pumps for both trucks and excavators.


Clutch Plate

Our clutch plates cater to a wide range of two-wheelers.


Automotive Lighting

We exactly understand how important it is to maintain maximum visibility and optimum driving conditions on the road. That’s why our team of engineers gives you a list of lamp lights to choose from, including head lamp, tail lamp, fog lamp, and auxiliary lamp.


Front & Back Brakes and Automotive Switch

Our modular switches, brake switches, combination switches, and temperature sensors are designed as per OEM standards.



We offer a wide range of two-wheeler blinkers with supreme quality reflectors, waterproof features, and high performance indicator bulbs. Our clients include Hero Group, Bajaj, TVS, and Honda, among others.

Electronic ignition system

Electronic Ignition System

Our ignition coil is a high-voltage (low-current) transformer that converts the vehicle’s 12 volt power supply to 15-30,000 volts required to jump the gap of the spark plug, through combustion.


Foot Rest

Our foot levers service all types of two-wheelers.


Our gaskets service all types of two-wheelers.


Ignition & Handlebar Switch

We enable easy control of motorbikes with our superior quality ignition & handlebar switches, used by the best automobile industry giants.


Water Pump

Our state-of-the-art water pumps can be used across a variety of vehicles.


Wiper Blades

Our wiper blades are equipped with high-grade copper coating and lamination to ensure smoother wiping for crystal clear vision during day as well as night.