Auto Electrical, Diesel Fuel Injection equipment, Batteries to Lubricating Oils and Filters, our wide range of products, tools, and test equipment cover all vehicle types, making us one of India’s leading automotive aftermarket solution providers.

Our batteries cover a range of vehicle types and are rigorously tested to ensure long life with low maintenance. Choose from Leo Plus, Rapid, Reap, Robust, Power Guard, New, Economy, Photon and E-Fuel batteries – whether you want to power a two or four wheeler or a heavy-duty commercial vehicle – LIS offers support for all your needs.

Lucas Indian service Limited - Leo Plus

Leo Plus

Our unique two-wheeler Leo Plus batteries are fully sealed and use VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) technology for zero maintenance. They also come with flame arresters and are acid spill-free for improved safety.

Lucas Indian service Limited - Reap


Our Reap tractor batteries are specially designed for rough usage and high vibration conditions. Their combination of hybrid-technology, using calcium-antimony, ensures ultra-low maintenance.

Lucas Indian service Limited - Power Grid

Power Guard

Our Power Guard invertor and UPS batteries utilize tall tubular technology to ensure long life with low maintenance. They are best suited for deep discharge applications.



Our Economy brand three wheeler batteries are specially designed for auto rickshaws, to handle high pressure and rough drive conditions. Our batteries are built strong enough to take severe vibrations during operations and come with spill proof body for better safety. Ready for frequent start-stops, shorter recharging time and extended battery life with longer top-up cycle are some of the special features of Economy range.


e-Fuel battery is one of the unique models in Lucas battery Range. The battery is developed exclusively for e-rickshaw segment to ensure superior performance, better savings and longer operational life for uninterrupted service. e- Fuel battery is more powerful, low in maintenance, build with quality parts and high on safety.

Lucas Indian service Limited - Rapid


Our popular Rapid car batteries use silver technology – a calcium HTS combination to improve temperature balance inside the cells. This ensures less maintenance and longer battery life. Their radial grid design and wider lugs provide quick starts and higher CCA (Cold Cranking Ability).

Lucas Indian service Limited - Robust


Specially designed for commercial vehicles, our Robust batteries use hybrid-technology with a combination of calcium and antimony to ensure ultra-low maintenance. They are designed for all weather conditions and possess better cranking ability and life.

New Off road battery

Picking the right battery for your off road application is no longer as complex as earlier. LIS has specially designed its NEW brand range of batteries with maximum energy, high performance, and sturdy built for off road applications to take off at any terrain. New off road battery is spill proof, high energy capacity and 2x longer life.


Photon Solar Battery is developed with renowned tubular technology that provide exceptional performance, high reliability and longer service life. The battery is specially designed for demanding solar photovoltaic application to suit regular deep cyclic duty. Low maintenance, easy handling and ready to install are some of the special features of Photon series. Photon solar battery is efficient in storage and supply of power and most suitable for solar based electrification applications.