Lucas Indian service Limited - Filters


Auto Electrical, Diesel Fuel Injection equipment, Batteries to Lubricating Oils and Filters, our wide range of products, tools, and test equipment cover all vehicle types, making us one of India’s leading automotive aftermarket solution providers.

Our extensive range of filters can be used across vehicle types and ensure engines remain damage-free for longer. Check out our leading-edge fuel, air, and oil filters that are guaranteed to deliver high performance and add full value for your investment.


Fuel Filter

Our best-in-class fuel filters protect the most precious parts of the engine by filtering out foreign particles that could damage the fuel injector.


Air Filter

Our high-efficiency air filters are great at capturing dirt, dust, and other environmental contaminants and can efficiently block out unwanted particles from entering the heating and air vents of a vehicle.


Oil Filter

Our high-efficiency and high-capacity oil filters have been designed to keep oil clean longer and protect the vehicle’s engine.