Lucas Indian service Limited - Lubricants


Auto Electrical, Diesel Fuel Injection equipment, Batteries to Lubricating Oils and Filters, our wide range of products, tools, and test equipment cover all vehicle types, making us one of India’s leading automotive aftermarket solution providers.

Our vast range of oils, greases, and coolants are used by all leading vehicle brands and provide superior performance. We strive to exceed customer expectations while strictly adhering to all compliance and emission regulations.


Engine Oil – 2W, 3W, Passenger cars,
Diesel engines

Our engine oils meet all BS IV/EURO IV emission norms and are manufactured by leading vehicle dealers. They are formulated to sustain engine oil durability where exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) is used and are optimally compatible with diesel fuels containing sulphur content of up to 0.5% wt. They are also fully synthetic and have been developed with an advanced additive technology.


Gear & Transmission Oil

Our gear and transmission oil can be used for two and three-wheelers and passenger cars. They can also be used for manual transmissions, rear axle, automotive hypoid gear units and fluid lubricated universal joints. They are ideally recommended for Maruti, HM, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Eicher, M&M, TAFE, Swaraj, and Escorts.



Our coolants can be used across vehicles and utilize an ethylene glycol-based anti-freeze agent that contains inhibitors, which provide protection from freezing, overheating, rust, and corrosion.


Fork Oil

Our Fork Oil is a premium blend specially formulated to provide superior performance for motorcycle front forks and shock absorbers and can be used in both on-road and off-road.


Hydraulic Oils

Our hydraulic oils are recommended for a wide variety of industrial hydraulic and circulation systems, high and low pressure mobile hydraulic systems, hydraulic elevators, hoists and lifts, mobile construction equipment, hydraulic control systems of machine tools and presses, hydraulic vanes, pistons, and gear type pumps.



Our multipurpose grease is recommended for the lubrication of universal joints, wheel bearings, suspension, steering system, and chassis. They are recommended for truck rollers, chain drivers of farm equipment, idlers of crawler type tractors, thresher bearings, certain open, and semi-ended applications. They can be used in higher temperature applications – up to 180-200cc

Agri Oil

Agri Oil

Our agri oil is suitable for naturally aspired petrol and diesel engines and turbo-charged diesel engines, application pump-sets and tractors.