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Benefits & Features

Lucas Indian Service Limited (a subsidary of Lucas TVS) is a specialist organization, providing solutions for auto electrical and diesel fuel injection equipment.

With over seven decades of expertise in the automobile industry, we know how important your car is to you. Lucas Indian Service Limited provides you wih a unique preventive maintenance program "Lucas Care" which optimizes your car's performance and helps to prevent breakdowns.

What is Lucas Care?

Lucas Indian Service is one of the first organizations to introduce a solution-based program, which focuses on preventing breakdown through regular maintenance checks.

What are the car systems that the program covers?

  • Starting System
  • Charging System
  • Ignition System(Petrol)
  • Fuel Injection System(Diesel)
  • Lighting System
  • Wiping System

What is the process involved during the periodic check up?

  • Check up, cleaning & top up your car battery
  • Check up of starting system to facilitate quick start
  • Check up of charging system to protect car battery and other electrical accessories
  • Check up and "timing/tuning" of ignition/fuel injection system to facilitate smooth running and minimize pollution
  • Electrical load validation and comprehensive system screening
  • Check up and cleaning of air filter, fuel filter and heater plugs( for diesel cars)
  • Free consultaion on car maintenance


Unmatched Features of Lucas Care

  • Four FREE service check ups in a year covering quto electrical and fuel injection equipment(for diesel cars)
  • FREE labour charges - if the auto electrical units require repair or overhauling during the program period
  • 25% DISCOUNT on labour charges in case the fuel injection unit (for diesel cars) requires repairs, overhauling or re-calibration during the program period
  • Breakdown attention within city(up to 25 kms, 9 a.m to 6 p.m)
  • 5% DISCOUNT on spare parts

Lucas Care Benefits

  • Prevention of breakdowns to enable a stress free driving experiance
  • Service at your doorsteps and at your convenience
  • Access to genuine spares
  • Optimizes the life of electrical and fuel injection components

How to enroll?

Please fill up the enclosed enrolment form and send the same by post. You can also e-mail your particulars, or simply call n your customer assistance executive in your city. Contact details available overleaf.

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