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Lucas -TVS Armatures

Armature is the back bone of the starters & dynamos. It produces the necessary torque for rotation in case of starters and generates the current in case of dynamos by way of cutting the magnetic field created by the field coils. The output and the life of starters and dynamos are highly dependent on the quality of the armature.

Lucas -TVS Armatures -Merits Advantages

99.99% pure electrolytic grade copper used. correct no.of Conductors maintained.

Better Conductivity and consistent output. Reliable performance.

High Temperature solder's used for commutator. Stacking Dip & roll soldering done at controlled temperatures. Withstands high temperature of prolonged cranking. Failures due to commentator flinging prevented. Reliable performance& longer life.
Roll Varnishing with polyester resin or gel coat for conductors under controlled process conditions. Superior Quality varnishing,insulation retained even at high temperatures. Better reliability and longer life
High speed Diamond turning for commutator finish, Segments under cutting by automatic process. Excellent finish for commutator. Mini mum brush wear and increased commutator life. Reliable performance and longer life.

Bazaar Type Armatures - Pitfalls Disadvantages

Inferior grade copper used for conducotrs. Numb er of turns not straightly maintained.

Poor Conductivity and reduced output. Interior performance and reduced life .

Cheap solders used. Conventional process employed for stacking and soldering. Prone to communtator flinging at high temperature. Reduced life and frequent repairs.
Varnishing done by conventional process. Drying done manually Inferior insulation .Prone to failure under high temperatures.
Ordinary lathe turning for commutator finish. Segment under cutting manually done. Inferior finish for commutator surface. Prone to brush stickiness & consequential failures. Frequent Break Downsand reduced life.


Lucas -TVS Brush

Carbon brushes are used in starters, dynamos, & alternators for transmitting current between the battery and rotating component like armature/ rotor. For efficient transmission of current, the design and material quality are the carbon brushes are extremely important, more so for the longer life of battery and armature / rotor.

Lucas -TVS Brush -Merits Advantages

Dimensional accuracy is maintained as per standards

Better Flexibility and vibration resistance in use. Eliminates Strictly operation and the resultant failures.

Dimension and Shape are scientifically designed to suit the application.

Reduces wear & tear and longer life of related Components.
Composition of graphite ,Carbon,Copper,etc.are carefully chosen to match the material used in commutator Excellent Conductivity and low co-efficient of friction that
gives very good commutation.Less wear& tear and longer life
Operation Like tamping,welding, crimping, soldering, shaping, etc.,are arrived through statistical process Control(SPC) Mechanical Strength is ensured. Prevents intermittent operation and ensures optimum electrical performance at higher temperatures .

Bazaar Type Brush - Pitfalls Disadvantages

Dimensional inconsistency is predominant.

Tight insertion & poor commutation. Faster wear & tear resulting in frequent failures.

Dimensions and shapes are not scientifically designed to suit the application.

Leads to strictly operation. Frequent break downs and reduced life. Never wear & tear of commutator segments and burning of field coils.
Composition of graphite ,Carbon,Copper,etc.are carefully chosen to match the material used in commutator Reduced life and increased repair costs due to frequent failures.
Operation Like tamping, welding, crimping,soldering, shaping, etc., are manually done SPC not used. Loose leads ,resulting in intermittent operation and uneven wear of brush and commutator. Frequent failures and increased repair costs


Lucas -TVS Regulators

Regulators are used in alternators to control the output by controlling the excitation current given to the rotor. They play a vital role in maximizing the life of various components like rotor, stator, rectifier, bulbs, wiring harness & battery and their by reducing the operation cost.Not only do they ensure the desired output of the alternator under various operation conditions but also prevent over charging / under charging. Extreme care needs to be taken in the designing and manufacturing of obtaining reliable performance and maximum life of alternators.

Lucas -TVS Regulators -Merits Advantages

Hybrid Circuit and proven components used

Reliable regulation .Prevents battery damage due to over charging/under charging. Longer life of battery and related components.

Automatic"wave soldering" used for fixing various components to the PCB .Soldering done in clean atmosphere under controlled temperature.

With stands more temperature cycling and vibrations.
Superior Quality insulation used for lead wires. Insulation Retained even at higher temperatures. Longer lead wire life.
Protection Circuit provided for transistors. Transistors failures prevented. Better reliability and longer life.
'Insitu Moulding' Used for critical application (i.e. moulding metallic and plastic components together) .

Vibrations and resultant failures reduced substantially.

Bazaar Type Regulators - Pitfalls Disadvantages

Conventional Circuit employed.Not hybrid.

Unreliable regulation.Risk off battery damage due to overcharging/under charging. Higher Operating costs.

Manually Soldering Process employee for fixing Various components

Prone to frequent failure of solder joints. Unreliable Performance and reliable life.
Ordinary insulation is used for lead wires. Insulation becomes brittle,Resulting in Shorting and breakages. Frequent breakdowns and higher repair costs.
No problem circuit for transistors.

Frequent failures and increased repair costs.

Insitu moulding not employed.

High rate off failure due to Vibrations under the operating conditions. Higher operating conditions. Higher operating Costs.


Lucas -TVS Rectifier

Rectifier is used in alternators to convert the 'alternating current' (AC) output to 'direct current' (DC). This is performed by the diodes used in the rectifier circuit.

Performing of the rectifier is determined by the right selection of diodes, their quality, soldering process employed and the provisions made for removing heat & vibration. Deficiencies in these areas will lead to diode and hat is the secret of their superior performance.

Lucas -TVS Rectifier -Merits Advantages

Automatic Infrared re-flow soldering employed. Ensures uniform solder temperature and reliable solder joins

Correct & firm soldering prevents diode failures. Enhanced reliability.

Proven and extensively tested diodes used.100% of inspection done before assembling.

Reliable performance;less brake downs and reduced repair costs.
Injection & compression moulding used for mounting Field diodes. Reduced diode failures and longer life. Reduced operating costs.
Superior quality insulation and soldering used for lead wires.

Insulation& solder of lead wires retained even at higher temperature. Longer life.

3 to 4 point mounting used for fixing rectifier to SRE bracket.

Ensures rigid mounting,failures due to vibration prevented. Reduced repair costs.

Bazaar Type Rectifier - Pitfalls Disadvantages

Joins are soldered manually. Uneven temperature would result in poor soldering

Frequent diode failures and higher repair costs.

Diode are not tested extensively and also not checked 100%.

Un-reliable performance;Prone to frequent failures and break downs. Increased Repair Costs.
Conventional insulation and soldering for lead wires. Insulation becomes brittle and solder fails a short span of operation. Request failures & higher repair costs.
Ordinary insulation and soldering for lead wires.

Insulation becomes brittle and solder fails in a short span of operation. Frequent failures & higher repair costs.

2 point mounting employed for fixing rectifier to SRE bracket.

Phone to frequent failures due to vibration . Increased repair costs.


Lucas -TVS Rotor

Rotor used in alternator performs the function similar to that of field coil in case of dynamos. When a small field current is passed through the coir via the slip rings, a magnetic field is generated around the rotor. In the process of rotation of the rotor, the magnetic field is cut by the stator winding and an e.m.f. is generated in the stator windings. The output of the alternator is dependent on the number claws of the rotor, strength of the field current, quality of the conductor used etc.

In order to get the best performance and life, the rotor should have the following characteristics.

  • excellent conductivity of the rotor coil wire.
  • excellent insulation between rotor coil & rotor claws.
  • Rotor should be dynamically balanced to prevent vibration and consequential bearing failures.
  • accurate dimensions of claws and rotor coil to ensure the air gap between the claws and rotor coil is uniform through out.
Lucas -TVS Rotor-Merits Advantages

Computerized dynamic Balancing for rotor.

Bearing failures Prevented .Reliable performance and longer life.

Diamond turning for slip rings

Positive brush contact ensured .Better output and reduced brush wear.
Superior Quality conductor,insulator and varnish used. Prevents Failures due to shorting/earthing. Reliable performance and longer life.
Zero Air gap maintained between rotor coil and rotor claws.Also uniform gap maintained between rotor claw fingers.

Reliable alternator output. Reduced magnetic losses. Longer life.

Claws or made to material spec.and process.

Reliable output. Longer life.

Bazaar Type Rotor - Pitfalls Disadvantages

Balancing not done Dynamically.

Prone to Bearing Failures and consequential damage to stator and rotor. Higher repair costs.

Slip rings turned by Conventional process

Prone to brush stickiness,excess wear and tear. Reduced output & reduced life.
Ordinary and Cheaper Quality Material Used Frequent Break downs. Reduced Output & life
Air gap not maintained as per spec.

Non-Uniform air gap between claw fingers and rotor coil Reduced output.

Claws made of cheaper variety material.

Reduced Output & life.


Lucas -TVS Stators

Stator used in alternator performs the function of converting the e.m.f. produced in to current. The important characteristics of stator of obtaining the best performance, and the life are:

  • excellent conductivity
  • excellent insulation that does not disintegrate even at high temperature
  • correct gauge thickness of conductors and number of turns
  • accurate finish to prevent fouling with related components
Lucas -TVS Stators -Merits Advantages

Conductors Made off 99.99% Pure electrolytic grade copper.

Excellent Conductivity even at high temperatures,reliable output

Stator Winding by automatic process. Correct no.of turns and tight coil winding.

Reliable performance;withstand vibrations deliverers output at desired rpm. Longer life .
Superior quality insulation for stator slots. Superior insulation & higher rigidity,with stands high temperature & Vibration .Longer life.
Trickle varnishing at controlled temperatures.

Controlled Over-hang. Prevents Stator rubbing & earthling.

ID&OD of stator basket winding controlled by 'eye framing Process'

Longer life.

Bazaar Type Stators - Pitfalls Disadvantages

Inferior Grade copper used.

Poor Conductivity and COnsequential Power loss. Reduced Performance

Conventional process used for stator winding.

Number off turns not assured.Also Proned to failures under vibration.
Ordinary PVC insertions or bamboo sticks used for slot insulation Prone to insulation break-down at high temperature and vibrations. Frequent failures.
Manual Varnishing employed.

Inadequate impregnation. Insulation would fall at high temperature. Frequent break downs.

ID&OD of stator not furnished carefully

Prone to stator rubbing with rotor and body frequent failures.


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